Wardrobe Doors

Sunshine Coast Wardrobe Door Installation

TCB Doors and Windows are Sunshine Coast wardrobe door installation professionals with over 15 years of door installation experience. We personalise our services to suit our customers, sourcing our products from local manufacturers as well as providing custom-made solutions for specialised décor requirements. Browse our gallery to see some examples of previous jobs we have worked on.

Our wardrobe door installation services include:

  • Custom-made doors
  • Built-in door Sets
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Mirror Installation

Please give us a call on 0434 084 144 to discuss our wardrobe door installation services or to arrange an obligation-free quote.

Budget & Bespoke Solutions Available:

Choose from sliding, bi-fold and hinged designs, available in a variety of different timbers and colours. Unsure what door would suit your needs and budget best? Our friendly team will guide you through the various options available to you, showing you samples, and making recommendations based on your budget, size and style constraints.

We source our doors from reputable local door manufacturers, with an extensive range of different door products available to suit your décor. Off-the-shelf solutions include a variety of different styles in most standard sizes to suit your budget. If we can’t find an off-the-shelf product that suits your design vision, have us speak to a local door manufacturer to see about getting a custom-made solution for your needs.

Mirror Installation:

In addition to our door and window installation services, we also provide glazing, including custom-cut mirror installations. We can cut and polish mirrors and windows to any size, seamlessly integrating them into your new custom wardrobe door. We install slim-bezel wide mirrors, or if you’d like to still see some of the door frame, we can install a dedicated mirror or window ‘cut-out’ section. All mirrors we install are manufactured to Australian standards for your safety and peace of mind.


If you’ve got a shattered mirror or a sliding door that just won’t roll, give us a call. We’re experienced in door repair and replacement, utilising high quality replacement parts to give your wardrobe door that new feeling again. We replace everything from tracks and doors to mirrors and if you’d like, we can do a quick assessment of surrounding doors and windows to ensure they don’t require any preventative maintenance.

Sunshine Coast Wardrobe Door Installation

Speak to TCB Doors and Windows about our wardrobe door installation services or arrange an obligation-free quote. Call 0434 084 144.