Glass Splashback Installation

TCB Doors and Windows are skilled glaziers with over 15 years of experience providing glass splashback installation services on the Sunshine Coast. Our glass splashbacks are made from high-quality toughened glass designed to hold up to the regular wear and tear of a busy family kitchen, and are custom-cut to accommodate any power and data ports.

Glass splashback design options include:

  • Clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Graphic-printed glass
  • Slumped / patterned glass

Visit our gallery to see some examples of previous glass splashback installations our team have worked on or give us a call to organise an obligation-free quote – call 0434 084 144.

Why Choose Glass Splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks are a fantastic choice over typical tile splashbacks if you’ve got a modern or industrial style kitchen. We’ve found increasing amounts of new builds and renovations are switching over to glass splashback tiles, owing to their neutral, sleek and modern look coupled with easy maintenance. Due to their lack of grout and their smooth texture, glass splashbacks are also easier to clean.

Glass splashbacks are almost as customisable as tile designs; slumped, painted, tinted and graphic-printed glass splashbacks increase design versatility to suit your kitchen. Get a design custom printed or patterned into your splashbacks to add some flare to your kitchen.

Slumped Glass Splashbacks:

Slumped glass is a type of patterned glass achieved by heating glass to a molten state before placing it over a mould, resulting in an exact replication of the mould design embossed onto the glass material. This allows you to have anything you like embossed into your glass splashbacks, including text, portraits, logos and more! Slumped glass can also replicate different texture; when you run your hand down you’ll feel minute rises and falls in the material, allowing for ‘raindrop’ and similar texturing or other intricate detailing. Further complement your kitchen by getting your slumped glass tinted or painted in any colour you desire.

Glass Splashback Installation

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