Security Screens

Sunshine Coast Security Screen Installation

TCB Doors and Windows was established in 2016 by local Sunshine Coast security screen installation specialist and glazier, Troy Bellhouse. We stock a range of high quality products to suit all applications and our obligation-free quotes include professional advice you can trust. We’re constantly searching for the latest and greatest in security screen technology, seeking the best value for money available for our customers. Please give us a call on 0434 084 144 to organise a quote.

Our Range of Security Screen Products:

We only stock high-quality products that we’re confident using based on years of experience in repairs and installation. We offer three main types of security screens for windows and doors, each designed to suit different budgets and tastes:

  • Diamond-grill
  • Perforated Aluminium
  • Stainless-steel Mesh

All come with a built-in locking mechanism, with the option to upgrade to alternative locking systems for greater security. Our security screens are custom-made to size, ensuring a clean, precise fit into your existing frame. Thinking of getting a pet door installed later on? Reduce the cost of a pet door installation by getting it built into in your new screen before we install.

Perforated Aluminium vs Stainless-steel:

Perforated aluminium is a great budget solution, utilising a single piece of aluminium sheeting, drilled with uniformly-sized, inter-connected holes to allow for visibility. Aluminium also has good anti-corrosive properties. This differs to stainless steel mesh, which uses high-quality stainless-steel fibres inter-twined in a mesh shape, providing greater visibility at all angles as well as greater tensile strength.

Our screens use 316 marine-grade mesh which is stronger than the 304 stainless mesh that other brands use. Our stainless-steel security screens have even greater tensile strength and stand up much better to environments conducive to corrosion, such as beachfront homes.

Sunshine Coast Security Screen Installation

Speak to TCB Doors and Windows about our security screen installation services and arrange an obligation-free quote. Call 0434 084 144.