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Sunshine Coast Glass Replacement

TCB Doors and Windows are Sunshine Coast glass replacement professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our replacement glass is high-quality, manufactured to Australian safety standards and can be cut to any size, enabling us to provide on-the-spot repairs for local homes and businesses. We provide emergency replacement services for urgent glass repairs and our van is equipped to replace almost any kind of glass product we encounter.

Give us a call on 0434 084 144 to organise an obligation-free quote for our Sunshine Coast glass replacement and repair services.

As modern home design starts to incorporate more and more glass, there’s been an increase in the variety of products we repair. We work on all home glass furniture and products, and our van is equipped with most sizes and types, allowing us to provide same-day replacement for most items.

Our expertise in glass repair includes replacement of:

  • Windows
  • Glass pool fences
  • Glass tabletops and cabinets
  • Glass louvres
  • Door windows
  • Shower screens
  • Glass splashbacks

Toughened Glass Replacement:

We can usually cut and install replacements on the spot, but please be advised that toughened glass takes longer to replace. Toughened glass is usually found in pool fences, shower screens and balustrades, and due to its manufacturing process, it breaks up into small blunt pieces when impacted or cut. As a result, it has to be ordered in, rather than cut. We may need to install a temporary piece of glass or board up the broken section if it poses a security risk until we can get a piece of toughened glass ordered in at your exact size.

Door and Window Repairs:

In addition to our glazier experience, we’re also equipped to perform door and window repairs. While your glass is being replaced, it’s a good opportunity to check the health of your doors and windows, especially if the glass has been broken as a result of a heavy impact. Whether it’s extensive repairs, or just some quick adjustments to hinges and rollers, let us know while we’re there and we’ll perform a quick check-up.

Emergency Repairs:

We provide fast response service to emergency situations where glass urgently needs to be repaired. Please give us a call on 0434 084 144 explain your issue to us and we’ll be out right away. We’ll perform a precise installation, cutting to size to fit your frame perfectly, and if necessary, clean up the broken glass shards. If your glass has broken in an area where there’s lots of foot traffic or small children around, make sure to block off the area to prevent injuries.

Sunshine Coast Glass Replacement

Get in touch with TCB Doors and Windows to discuss our Sunshine Coast glass replacement services or arrange an emergency repair. Call 0434 084 144.